Start Streaming Pre-Order

Start Streaming is an ebook that I am writing about using OBS for streaming. The book will also contain some overall view of the streaming platforms available, tips related to streaming, services that you can use while streaming such streamelements and chat bots available.

What to expect?

In this book, I am going to share my experience while streaming using OBS. I will provide you with videos that you can watch. You will also get a freebie overlay with the book so you can get starting streaming straight away!

If y pre-order you will be added to the waiting list and won't be charged anything. But by pre-ordering the book, you will receive a 25% discount code!


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  • Introduction
    • About the book
    • Icons used in the book
  • Platforms
    • Youtube
    • Twitch
    • Twitter
    • All of them!
  • Gear
    • Essentials
    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Green Screen
    • Capture Cards
  • OBS
    • Introduction
    • Main Window
    • Settings
    • Sources
    • Audio
  • Overlays
    • Services
    • Desiging Your Own
    • Using a Website
  • Merch
    • Services
    • Setting up
  • Music
    • Introduction
    • Free Playlists
  • Streaming With Two PCs
    • Introduction
    • Benefits
    • Capture Cards
    • Setup
  • Guests
  • ...