Organize Academy

The client asked for a branding, web design service for her Academy to empower women in Portugal. After a few meetings and proposals, the client and I have agreed on a colour scheme and design. I proceeded to build the site and CSS from grounds up and added the animations to improve the overall feeling of the site.

Branding wise, I've created two logos for the client. Choose the colour scheme and the font to use. I've also created a business card design for the client.


  • The Good
    • Minimal design that looks good
    • Animations give a good feeling when browsing the site
    • Services/Workshop component moves automatically and buttons change colour depending on what's selected
  • The Bad
    • Services layout could be improved
    • The contact form should just send the email automatically instead of around
    • Primary colour doesn't contrast well with the white background.
  • The Ugly
    • Mobile text on services/workshop needs work - spacing issues
    • Text on the contact page should be smaller - keep email on the same line



GitHub repo: Private Repository


Home Page Home Page

About Page About Page

Services Page Services Page

Woman Circle Page Woman Circle Page

Contact Page Contact Page

Card Design Card Design