Quote and Weather


  • The Good
    • The background updates depending on the weather outside
    • The clock updated every second
    • To do and Notes list fully functional
  • The Bad
    • Used but it wasn't really necessary
    • The weather status should be updated from time to time
    • The weather bit is not fully included in Vue as it relies on external functions - they should be added to the component
  • The Ugly
    • On a small screen, a few elements look wonky
    • The Notes List area moves slightly when the To Do list is open/closed
    • Used mostly ES6 syntax - not compatible with some browsers
    • The API key for openweathermap shouldn't be hardcoded on the main.js file


The idea of creating a Landing page that shows quotes and the current weather came to me when doing the challenges on freecodecamp. Two of the javascript challenges were to create two separated apps - one a weather station, one for quotes.

I thought it could be cool to have a page that shows both. So I spent a few hours brainstorming about the landing page and what sort of things I would like to add to it. A To Do List, a Notes List and a clock seemed like a good thing to add.

With the idea in my head, I wanted a guide that I could follow while creating the app. I sketched the basic idea on a piece of paper and then opened up GravitDesigner and designed the landing page.

Since I wanted to learn VueJS I took the opportunity to use it and create a project. I had issues with using geolocation and Vue together, so as a workaround I wrote basic javascript code to call the OpenWeatherMap API.

One thing I wanted to do was to change the background of the page depending on the weather outside. A quick function was created so that it updates the page background depending on the name of the weather icon passed.

Once the page was showing the current weather, I jumped to the quotes. The hardest part was to try and find an API that generated quotes - after a long, long search I ended up using FavQuotes Api.

Working on the To Do List created some issues - I thought you could create different VueJS apps before reading about components, so I had to do some refactoring and working around with the quotes app and integrate the to-do list. It was a quite fun thing to do.

How to create a notes app kind of puzzled me, but in the end, I figured that it could be nothing more than an extended version of the To Do List so hack away I went and managed to make it work after struggling with a few bits.

Few things I'm happy with

  • How I used GravitDesigner to mock the landing page and use it while coding the page
  • How I used VueJs to hide/unhide elements of the lists
  • How I learned about things I needed to change in the app by observing my fiancé and mom using the landing page
  • How I implemented a sort of Scrum board with trello to implement this project - it was good practice


GitHub repo: